Above All: “He is far above all rulers, authorities, powers, lords, and all other names that can be named, not only in this present world but also in the world to come.” Ephesians 1:21 GW

When we look at what is going on in our country and in the world, it’s easy to get discouraged and worried. Some people even become survivalists, convinced that society will disintegrate and they will need to hibernate and defend themselves. Others choose to leave the country and become “ex-pats,” living abroad where they will be “safe.” In recent years, the “Occupy” movement became a way for some to protest the ills in our country by taking over public property and camping out.[Tweet “We need not fear; we need not become extremists. #NamesofGod”]

But scripture reminds us Who is in control. Christ is risen, and He is above all things and all people. And not just above them, but “far above.” We need not fear; we need not become extremists.

We do need to pray. We should be informed and participating citizens.

But ultimately, we can be confident that He who is above all rulers, in this world and the next, will be victorious. If we trust in Him, we will share in His victory.

Live in His victory today.