All of us are broken, some more than others. This article by the late Ruth Bell Graham (Billy Graham’s wife) reminds us there is a Mender. It’s a favorite of mine and the genesis of my Mended Vessels Series of novels.

He had built for himself a great house that was a thing to behold. It was a masterpiece of salvaged materials.

He collected and sold scrap metal as well as antiques, and he was fascinated with broken bits and pieces of china dug from his front yard. Carefully he fitted and glued the pieces together. Few objects ever came out whole. They were simply the collection of one who cared.

I expressed an interest in his work, and he gave me a blue-and-white plate that had been.

I commented, “You remind me of God.”[Tweet “Carefully he fitted and glued the pieces together. “]

I knew from the look on his face that I had shocked him, and I hurried to explain: “God takes our broken lives and lovingly pieces them together again. Even if a piece has been lost, God gathers what He can and restores us to wholeness in Him.”

“Salvaged, and Restored” by Ruth Bell Graham, Decision September 2000, ©2000 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, used by permission, all rights reserved.