Some days life beats you up.

You lose your job, someone you love gets a life-changing diagnosis, and your best friend betrays you. Or maybe it’s something small–you run out of your favorite shampoo just before an important date, you get a parking ticket, or you burn the toast.

The Bible has a wonderful prescription for those days–two words: “But God…”

The Psalmist said, “But God has heard me. He has paid attention to my prayer” (Psalm 66:19). Another time he said, “My body and mind may waste away, but God remains the foundation of my life” (Psalm 73:6).

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No matter what happens to you–physically, emotionally, financially–God knows the plans He has for your life. If you have called on his name in faith, He will work in your life for your good so that He gets the glory.

Oh, I don’t want to imply that you won’t get any more parking tickets, or even that cancer will be cured. Sometimes God heals, but other times He has a reason–beyond our understanding–for not healing, or for not answering other prayers. All we can do is trust Him.

“But God is rich in mercy because of his great love for us” (Ephesians 2:4).

So when it seems like the world is against you, remember the One who is always for you. And remember that everything can change because of those two words:

But God…