FreedomAs Americans, we take our freedom for granted.

Independence Day, the 4th of July, is one day when we can remember the hard-fought Revolutionary War that eventually won that independence from Britain. But now, nearly two and a half centuries later, the holiday is more about cookouts, boating, and fireworks.

We also give little thought to the freedom we have if we have placed our faith in Jesus Christ. We may know that He has saved us, but we are still in bondage to sins like worry, selfishness, and anger.

Everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin … if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:34 36, ESV).

True freedom has nothing to do with the country you live in or the government in power. We are grateful for the freedoms we have in America and for the basic rights we so strongly believe in. I believe in fighting for those rights in our own country and that citizens of other countries should have the same rights.

But even if those rights are lost, or if you live in a country that does not recognize the same rights the United States does, you can still be free–through the grace of the Son of God.

Celebrate that freedom today–and every day.

The Secret Heart

My latest novel, The Secret Heart, tells the story of Shawna and Hunter Wilson, whose secret past keeps them in bondage. Only the truth will set them free, but will they risk Hunter’s political career and Shawna’s reputation to save their marriage?

Set in Nashville and other parts of Tennessee, this is Book 3 in the Mended Vessels series, modern re-imaginings of the stories of biblical women. The Secret Heart is based on the lives of King David and Bathsheba. It’s available here in paperback or ebook.