snake oil cureHow gullible can I be?

Seems like I’m willing to try all kinds of remedies to lose weight, look younger, or get rid of brown spots, skin tags, and spiders.

Can you relate?

Apple cider vinegar will help me lose weight? Tried it. (Nope, didn’t work. Maybe because I kept eating Oreos.)

“Free” trial of a miracle skin cream? Tried it. (Should have canceled after receiving the sample. The monthly shipments were outrageously priced, non-returnable, and difficult to cancel.)

Nail polish to get rid of skin tags? Tried it. (Outcome to be determined, but at least the bottle of nail polish only cost a dollar.)

Facebook, YouTube, TV, and telemarketers are full of ads, videos, and shysters promising miracle cures and great deals. We laugh at the gullibility of people “back in the day” who were taken in by snake oil salesmen, but we aren’t much better, are we?

Whatever our physical “trials” or temporary heartaches, the Bible reminds us that our spiritual needs transcend any earthly concerns. And there is only one cure.

Jesus saw a paralyzed man at the Bethesda pool, where the first person into the water after an angel stirred it up would be healed. “Jesus asked the man, ‘Would you like to get well?‘” (John 5:6, GW).

And He continues to ask that question of each one of us. His remedy is no snake oil, but carries a one-hundred-percent guarantee. Wrinkles, extra weight, even cancer, pale in the light of eternity.