Who can you believe?Truth or Lies?

Airlines “promise” to get you to your destination on time. But most of them only succeed 85 percent of the time. And even to meet that, they have to pad their flight times. You’re happy if you arrive on time, even though you had to wait 40 minutes on the runway before taking off as we did recently.

TV commercials promise you will be better looking or more popular if you use the advertised product. Magazine covers or headlines on e-mails promise 10 ways to get rich quick or to lose 10 pounds overnight.

And don’t even mention politicians. Campaign promises have become a long-standing joke. Candidates running for office make promises that are beyond their ability to deliver. The current presidential campaign seems to have topped them all.

But there is one place you can find promises you can believe in—the Bible. God’s Word is true, and He always fulfills His promises. Hundreds of His promises in the Old Testament were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. In the book of Hebrews, Paul declared that his faith in “God, who never lies.”

We may not be able to believe the promises of the world, and we may not know the future, but–to paraphrase an old song, we know Who holds the future. And we can trust that His plans are good.