In this Four Weeks of Thanks for Thanksgiving month,  I am grateful for daddies.

For a while when I was little, we lived on a gravel road and had to walk to the main road for certain reasons, such as when the Bookmobile came. Since I loved to read, that was always an exciting day. I remember making that walk with my daddy, holding his hand and trying unsuccessfully to keep up with his long strides. And when I was limping due to an injured knee, he slowed down so that I wouldn’t get too frustrated.

Even as a teenager, when I thought his rules were too restrictive, I knew he just wanted to protect me because he loved me.

He helped me to understand Jesus’ love for me by the way he loved me. I know I disappointed him at times, but I never doubted his love. One of my cherished memories is sitting in his hospital room reading scripture to him after he had a heart attack because I could give back to him those reminders of God’s love.[Tweet “I disappointed #Daddy at times, but I never doubted his love. #NamesofGod #4WeeksofThanks”]

I’m also grateful for other daddies in my life: my husband, who has been a wonderful father to our children, and my son and son-in-law, both of whom have turned out to be great fathers. All three of them model what it means to be a man of good character and to love unconditionally.

But most of all, I’m thankful for my heavenly Daddy: “God who is in his holy dwelling place is the father of the fatherless and the defender of widows” (Psalm 68:5). Even people who do not have a physical father in their life, or whose father was less than great, can have the best Daddy of all. If we know Him personally, we are no longer orphans. We become part of God’s forever family.

We have a Daddy who loves us no matter what. He already knows our mistakes and our problems, but He wants to hear from us. Sit on His lap today. Tell Him your problems and accept His love. And give thanks.