The way is hardWhen I travel by car, I enjoy noticing unusual road signs, especially town names. I’ve had a fascination with odd place names for a long time.

I remember Monkey’s Eyebrow, a real town in Kentucky, and Wildcat Hollow (pronounced “holler”), a vague location where my father grew up. Minnesota has Embarrass and Welcome, and in Iowa, you can find Gravity.

While driving from Iowa to Texas recently, however, the signs became life markers. In Arkansas, I could have taken the road to Success. But by the time I realized it, I had passed the turn-off.

That was okay, though. When I got a ways into Texas, I saw a sign to Uncertain. I considered making the turn but I couldn’t decide if I should or not.

Perhaps on the way home, I’ll stop in Hope (which is also in Arkansas). Or maybe I’ll just head to Pleasantville, Iowa, and not worry about not finding Success.

At least I know how to find the way that leads to life. (Matthew 7:13-14).

Do you know which way you are going?