Tomorrow is the first day of 2019. Instead of making resolutions that will go by the wayside in a few weeks, consider this approach. This is a repost of a blog I published in September 2016, but I think it applies especially well to the New Year. What new frontiers await you in the coming year?

When I attended the annual Writer’s Conference last month, I took a Trust Me as I lead you to a place beyond your best expectations. --Godworkshop led by Allen Arnold about learning to create with the Creator.

As part of the workshop, Arnold handed out journals in which he had written a message. Each person received a different message; no names were attached to the journals and they were handed out “randomly.” He had spent more than a week praying and listening for messages from God.

Now Arnold is not one of these wacky people who claims to hear from God but whose messages do not align with scripture. None of the messages he gave to that group of writers would contradict the Bible. And in numerous cases, the message was exactly what that individual needed to hear.

The message in the journal I received was this: “Trust Me as we enter new frontiers. Rather than a map, follow Me. Where I lead is a place beyond your best expectations.”

Many times, Jesus commanded his disciples, “Follow Me.” And when the rich young ruler asked what more he needed to do, “Jesus said to him, ‘If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.‘” Sounds like Jesus was telling the man to trust Him with everything, and He promised treasures greater than anything on earth.

During the conference, I had been struggling with the next step in my writing career. At these things, there’s always the desire to talk to the right editor or agent, to make significant connections. Yet this year, God seemed to be telling me, “Stop striving.” Then I received the journal with this statement, which confirmed what I had been sensing.

When we trust Jesus and follow Him, He promises to lead us into new and exciting adventures, into places and possibilities far beyond our expectations. That’s where I want to go. What about you?